The Shanty Boys are a Celtic band, setting the stage for expressing deeply rooted Celtic and alternative compositions – Pat Bourke, Irish songster and photographer, heads up this eclectic band, focusing on the strong imagery of heritage with a well-developed lyrical storyline. Through the ever-present Celtic rhythm, melodies, and with the ease of crossing over to other music genres, the listener is compelled to concentrate on the message of the lyrics. Dacre Mountain Productions looks forward to correspondence for collaboration or suggestions that may occur from your listening experience!

Up River!


Legend has it that the Ottawa Valley cradles within it many songs that have not yet graced the people's ears. It is on this belief that the Shanty Boys set out to find a few of thes songs, and the best place to look was on the Ottawa River herself - Join us soon as the Finster brothers offer you a unique journey into the logging industry and life on Canada's greatest river!


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Up River

Up River This was the first Album put together to celebrate the traditions of the Ottawa Valley logging traditions. It tells tales of life in the wilds and woods of early Canada. More ...

Sea to Sea

The second effort of the Shanty Boys. Produced by Bill Stunt of the CBC and never a finer fellow to work with! This set of songs are what they are. Good honest music. More ...

County Lines

This collection was to be another album but alas life gets in the way of some artistic endeavours. I think some of the songs were working quite well. I put them out there for you to hear. Till sometime again…… More ...


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Review and order the fantastic photography that tells the stories of Canada coast to coast and highlights the Ottawa Valley and her two converging rivers!

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Sugar Bush


The Sugar Bush
Take a look into the time-honored tradition of tapping the maple trees, stoking the fire, and making the only true Canadian Oil - Maple Syrup! Step inside to experience the story in pictures and video.
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