Maps By Matt




Welcome to Shantyville…this is a combination forestry/farming map. This map has 8 fields and all the in game animal husbandrys. It also has a bale, cotton, grain, wood and woodchip sell point. Also the map has new ground and tree textures.

Sprucewood Farmstead

Welcome to Sprucewood Farmstead…Do you like farming or is forestry your game? Sprucewood Farmstead has the best of both worlds on one map. The forestry operation is in the valley and the farm operation is on a plateau overlooking the beautiful valley. This map has all the animal husbandrys: Cow’s, Chickens, Sheep, Pigs, Additionally the map has an: Animal Dealer, Grain Sell Point, Wool Sell Point, Bale Sell Point, Lumber Mill, Storage Silo, and Sleep Trigger!



St. Croix Flowage

Primarly made for forestry, this map is inspired by the St Croix Flowage in Northern Wisconsin.

Daylight In The Swamp

Welcome to Daylight In The Swamp. While this logging map is a fictitious design, it has a real meaning in my life. My Grandfather woke up my mom and her sisters every morning hollering…Rise and shine daylight in the swamp time to get up.

Monument Valley

Welcome to Monument Valley. This map is a representation of Monument Valley Utah. With its beautiful monuments and desert feel we hope you enjoy this map.