Winter Solstice

Its that time of the year again! Time for some snowy fun!

Enchanted Forest

Your mind is wandering as you are in the forest, surrounded by flowers, cutting trees. You begin to feel as if you are under a spell, a spell in an enchanted forest. In Enchanted Forest you will find newly textured trees and ground textures. You will also find some basic farming sellpoints to start a future farm.

Fog Creek

This map, Fog Creek, a foresty map designed by Mr.Tbone39, will leave you in a perpetual daze of never ending fog while cutting trees. Fog Creek has a whole new texture pallet, from the ground and including buildings.
The map has 8 newly designed trees scattered throuout the map. You will be able to farm the map as it has a Animal Dealer, Grain Sell Point, Spinnery and Bale Sell Point.

Autumnal Equinox Forest

 It’s that time of year, cool crisp days and the wind begins to blow. Leaves are changing color and beginning to fall. It is the time of year of the Autumnal Equinox. In our latest map Autumnal Equinox Forest, we try to capture the essence of fall logging. There is a variety of terrain to log on this map for your pleasure. There are new textures on trees and the colors were lightened up to give it the feel of fall.



Dark Canyon

Dark Canyon is a forestry map primarly designed by MrTbone39 with help and input from Shanty Boys Map Creations. This map is a challenging map with its many hills and valley’s. You can farm the map if you would like and is has some basic sell/buy points associated with farming. There are newly designed textrues on the trees and ground.


Party Island

Welcome to Party Island. This is just a fun little logging map that we threw together with a lot of uphill and downhill logging.

RedRock Valley

Red Rock Valley is a very simplistic logging map for the beginner.

The Cliff

Welcome to the Cliff. A logging map by MrTbone39, full of big trees and a few big hills. Watch out for the wire bridge that you have to cross. Have fun and happy logging


Dark Forest

This map, Dark Forest is an over grown forest waiting to be cleared. Even though is map has some hills, it has plenty of flat ground to make a future farm.


Camp Redwood Scary Island

This is Mr.Tbone39 latest map creation Camp Redwood Scary Island. This map has 5 new trees to log and in a variety of terain. Be sure to check out the back story to this map on the video. Hope you enjoy.


Deserted Islands

Decades of undiscovered Islands await you in this logging paradise. This map has five Islands, one landing to start. However, you will need to log your way through the forest as there are no roads. Included on this map is a huge indoor log sell point.


Lost Island

An island map erupting with excitement. You have four varieties of trees to cut down from dead pine to big spruce. Mr.Tbone brings new road textures to this map producing slick roads and real mud effects, bringing a whole new level of realism to logging. There is much more to see on this map, check it out today.


DeadMan’s Ridge

MrTbone39’s fourth logging map bring us to the dangerous steep slopes of Dead Man’s Ridge where many a logger has perished attempting to bring down the giant trees of this magnificent forest. A cemetery already filled with those who failed on these slopes and in memory of all the great loggers of the USA who have perished to bring us this much needed resource.

Wolf Hills

The map has big trees which require modded equipment such as FDR processors. There are 4 big landings to work on and a sawmill sell point. The map is a smaller but has between 10,000 and 15,000 trees. This map is the perfect for making a small farm and very much for the beginner wanting to log bigger trees.


Muddy Creek

Log the flatlands for an easier logging experience OR head to the mountains and have your logging skills tested! Either way you will surely enjoy this map if you love logging.

Logging In The Hollers

This is a logging map created by MrTbone39 titled Logging In The Hollers. It is his very first attempt at map modding but you will be pleasantly surprised at how awesome this creation turned out!


Logging In The Holler

This is a logging map created by MrTbone39 titled Logging In The Holler it is an edit of Logging in the hollers, with updated small trees and sellpoints!!