Map Edits



Rogue River

Rogue River is a forestry only map full of challenging terrain.

Credits: Catalyzer Gaming



Crater Lake

Decades after volcanic activity, the forest has regrown, now is the time to harvest! This forestry map also contains all the basic farming sell points.

Credits: Catalyzer Gaming




Primarily made for forestry, this map also has a farm sell point for players that would like to work the land.

There are no primary roads on this map, however you will find small trails to show the easy path to take.
It is your decision how the roads should be placed. In some cases you may need to use the terrain tool to smooth the land and add road textures.

Credits: Catalyzer Gaming



NMC Holmakra Edit

This is an edit of the much loved NMC map Holmakra this map has undergone several changed with this map increased in detail and purely focused on forestry now.

Credits: North Modding Company